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The Pay It Forward program, operated by Pay It Forward SA, is specifically for those individuals who complete and excel in substance use treatment, and are interested in continuing their newfound sobriety in a supportive, safe, monitored, zero-tolerance sober living environment, in dorms on the campus of Haven for Hope. The PIF program is a year-long program, with two, six-month phases. 

Membership in the PIF program is a privilege and acceptance are dependent upon your performance and commitment in treatment, as well as a personal interview with the current dorm membership. If accepted into the PIF program, you will agree to pay program fees of $165/month in Phase I and $240/month in Phase II, completing dorm chores, agreeing to random substance screenings, attending recovery meetings while meeting weekly with a recovery sponsor to actively work a 12-step program, remaining supportive to your dorm mates, and refraining from disruptive behavior, and conducting job searches, becoming employed, or performing community service, depending on your circumstances. Complete guidelines and rules will be explained to you if you are accepted into the PIF program. 

Please complete the following application and turn it in to your Recovery coach/counselor to be considered as a candidate for the PIF Program. 

  • Your recovery coach, treatment counselor, or case manager will review your application with the Program Manager and determine if they will recommend you to the PIF program.

  • If these evaluations meet PIF criteria, you will then be scheduled for a personal interview with the PIF Dorm members, once it is closer to your treatment discharge date. 

  • Your treatment team will give you the interview date and time. After the interview, they will notify you whether you were accepted into the PIF Program. 

  • If you are accepted by the dorm membership, you will be scheduled to meet with the Program Manager to complete final paperwork and interview. At that time, you will be escorted to intake to have your badge changed to PIF membership, pack your belongings, and move into to the PIF dorm. 

  • If you are not accepted into the program, your treatment team will inform you of your options.


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