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Recovery Continues Here

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Pay it Forward SA provides recovery support  and sober living facilities for both men and women to help them rebuild their lives after they complete drug and alcohol rehab providing them a significantly improved chance of staying clean & sober than with drug rehab programs alone, 

Pay It Forward was founded in 2010 by a recovering alcoholic. During his recovery process he identified a gap in the transitional needs of those in recovery from alcohol or drug abuse following substance use treatment or incarceration.



Homelessness prevention help in San Antonio is critical for those in recovery. We partner with many sober living houses in the area that provide structure and accountability for those in early recovery. We believe that in the process of establishing oneself in the recovery community, a life free of substance use is built. Anyone who has recently been accepted and moved into a house that we partner with is encouraged to apply for our Bridge Scholarship. We offer a hand up for those who are working towards becoming self-sufficient, as well as resources that they can use to connect with other needed services.



Our Pay it Forward dorms are housed on the Haven for Hope campus. They provide the structure and accountability our members need  to get their lives back and flourish in their recovery. We are a year long program for male or female Bexar county residents that have successfully completed substance abuse treatment and are experiencing or are at risk of homelessness.


The people that we serve are working a 12-step program and are focused on maintaining their sobriety while learning new behaviors to become productive members in society.

"Without your help, I would probably be back on the streets. I hope you know what a life-changing experience you are giving me. For that I am truly grateful."


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