My name is Michaela. I've been sober for 19 months now. It's been a roller coaster of a ride with several relapses along the way. It wasn't that long ago that I lost my apartment, my job and my car because I couldn't hold down a job to keep a roof over my head. The only thing that I cared about was my alcohol and how I could get more of it. Today, I don't have to live that way. This time was my final stay. I have now moved out and have a place of my own to call home. I work at a treatment center now and it's the most rewarding and fulfilling job I have ever had. I get to give back what was so freely passed on to me. To say that I have been blessed doesn't even begin to describe how I feel. If it wasn't for Pay It Forward helping me to move into an Oxford House, I would have been homeless. Pay It Forward gave me the second and third chances I needed to start my life over. I am so grateful for both Pay It Forward and Oxford House for giving me the resources and the tools to help me learn to live my life sober again. I wake up each day and ask God to be present in my life and direct my thinking. I ask him to show me how to be the woman of Christ he wants me to be. I end each day thanking God for the many blessings he has given me and for letting me live another day sober. Recovery is possible by talking and praying with God, working the steps, talking to your sponsor, going to recovery meetings, helping others and remembering that we just take it "One Day at a Time.”  God bless all of you on your spiritual journey to recovery!

David found himself in treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, broken and alone. Along with addiction he suffered from PTSD and anxiety, making his life even more unbearable. After completing treatment, he came to our  Next Right Step long term sober living program. Today, nearly five years later, David continues to helps those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction with the love and care he was once given when he was in the program.

My name is Mary and I’ve been clean & sober since November 9, 2013. I spent 10 years going in and out of treatment - trying rehab alone 7 times before going to rehab at Haven for Hope. The big difference was having the opportunity to transition into continued sober living at Pay It Forward’s Next Right Step dorm program in a familiar place, right next door to the In-House Recovery Program, with the sisters in recovery I had gone through treatment with. When I graduated from Next Right Step, Pay It Forward also helped me with my move-in costs at Oxford House from their Bridge assistance program, so I could continue my recovery in a sober living environment. I am now back together with my 4 year old daughter. I work at Soba Recovery Center in detox and residential. I have worked there for nearly two years. It still amazes me the way my life is today and I'm so grateful for Pay It Forward’s programs. I know their help played a huge role in not just staying sober but becoming a productive member of society. I get to help my community. Before, I would just take. Now I literally get to Pay It Forward.

David Cordrey, NRS Program Manager & Former Client

Funded by our Bridge program and your donations, qualified recipients are all smiles as they receive their move-in housing assistance awards for deposit and first two weeks rent into their sober living homes.

John was asked to resign his job as an engineer because of alcoholism, and spent the next 5 years in and out of denial, detox and rehabs. He finally came to Haven For Hope after having spent all of his savings and had nowhere to go. After successfully completing rehab, he entered Pay It Forward's Next Right Step program. "Pay It Forward provided me an environment to learn how to live. How to live a happy and sober life.That's something I had never had, despite all of the external signs of success. I was given leadership opportunities, but more importantly the opportunity to help others." John successfully completed the program a few months ago and was selected to manage an outside, private sober living house and is now employed by The Center for Health Care Services at Haven where he can continue to help others.

"You are saving people's lives. Giving people that had no hope a chance to live again. To bring families back together again."  ~ John

The essence of Pay It Forward is PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE. Providing critical housing help is made possible by the generosity of others.

  "I appreciate this opportunity more than you can realize. This is an amazing program which benefits so many people in recovery. I cannot imaging where I would be without assistance from Pay It Forward. My family and I have been saved by your charitable donations."  ~ Alana

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