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   I am truly honored and humbled to serve as Chairman of Pay it Forward, Clean and Sober Living. This organization holds a unique and special position within our community, with the ability to provide support and resources for people to re-enter life at a manageable pace with appropriate support following treatment. I am committed to helping this organization continue to offer the bridge that allows people to better adjust to life’s realities and responsibilities following treatment and years of damage caused by substance abuse and addiction.

2009 - Pay It Forward was born, founded by a recovering alcoholic, after realizing that there is a gap in the transition needs of those in recovery from alcohol or drug abuse, after completing treatment or incarceration. 

2010 - Established as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and invited to become an onsite service partner of Haven for Hope

2011 - Established the Next Right Step (NRS) sober living dorm on the campus of Haven for Hope.

2013 - Developed working relationships with most area rehabilitation centers and correctional facilities that refer individuals needing help.

2015 - Thanks to our committed friends and supporters, we have grown to be able to serve several hundred clients each year, with the vital assistance needed for continued clean and sober living.

2016 - Pay It Forward announces new name: Pay It Forward - Clean & Sober Living!

 ​​Charlotte K Jorgensen 


   Pay it Forward has a strong, diverse group of Directors who are just as committed as I am to the mission and purpose of helping to improve the lives of those who have been trapped in a life of addiction. Our organization has supported the restoration of the lives of countless individuals and families since our inception in 2009, and we are focused on sustaining and improving upon the foundation that has been established. We pledge to utilize our resources to fulfill a vision where all of the people we serve have the tools, resources, and opportunity to live a healthy, sober life. 

   I invite you to get involved with us in continuing the mission of our organization. Come take a tour, meet with some of our residents, sit down and talk about the transformation that has taken place with some of our alumni, and see what a difference has been made in the lives of those we serve. The ripple effect that their improved lives have on the community will last for generations to come. I look forward to all of the progress and accomplishments that we can make together to ensure that we are able to serve all of those who come to us seeking the hand of our organization to walk with them into a new way of life. 

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