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2009 - Pay It Forward was born, founded by a recovering alcoholic, after realizing that there is a gap in the transition needs of those in recovery from alcohol or drug abuse, after completing treatment or incarceration. 

2010 - Established as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and invited to become an onsite service partner of Haven for Hope

2011 - Established the Next Right Step (NRS) sober living dorm on the campus of Haven for Hope.

2013 - Developed working relationships with most area rehabilitation centers and correctional facilities that refer individuals needing help.

2015 - Thanks to our committed friends and supporters, we have grown to be able to serve several hundred clients each year, with the vital assistance needed for continued clean and sober living.

2016 - Pay It Forward announces new name: Pay It Forward - Clean & Sober Living!

Brooke Rogers
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Julie Dahlberg

Executive Director

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Next Right Step Men's Dorm Manager

D.A. Hughes, III, Chairman of the Board
Hamilton K. Barton

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D. A. Hughes, III, Chairman

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It is an honor and a privilege to serve as the Chairman of Pay It Forward. My goal is to continue the prestige of our nonprofit organization and give back to those less fortunate dealing with alcohol and drug addiction. As a recovering alcoholic, I understand the value of having a positive support network, Spiritual tools, and a treatment foundation like Pay It Forward that helped allow me to become a man of integrity. 

​Pay It Forward has helped more than a thousand people seeking recovery though the generosity of members in our community. I would like to see Pay It Forward continue to help thousands more, looking for help in their recovery with the assistance of our program and the people that make it happen. I invite you to check out our website and tour our facilities on the campus of Haven For Hope. Today I ask myself "what am I looking to achieve in life" and that achievement is helping give back to those that have been in the same shoes I once was.
​God Bless,

​D. A.

Julie Dahlberg, Executive Director
Hamilton K. Barton
Vice Chairman

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