Prevention Statistics

Our programs have strict eligibility criteria as a condition of assistance or program participation, such as having a sponsor, attending recovery-related meetings, being employed or actively looking for work, random substance use screening and an absolute, zero-tolerance substance use policy. We also provide referral assistance to other collaborating agencies that help the client with job search assistance and work appropriate clothing.

Emergency recovery Housing Assistance and affordable housing for individuals in recovery from drug & alcohol addiction

​How did we get these numbers?

We conducted a survey of the current 49 men and women in our Next Right Step program

to learn about their past behaviors in the

year prior to them getting clean & sober...

behaviors that are no longer present because they continued in a sober environment.

We also learned:

82% went hungry at least one day a week 

54% went longer than 4 months unemployed

53% had no safe place to sleep at night.

24% tried treatment alone more than 4 times

Paying It Forward

67% of those surveyed never performed service work, but now volunteer at least once per month.

That's an average of 252 hours each month that they give back to our community!

The Bridge - Sober Living Community Placement Program

Homelessness prevention help in San Antonio is critical for those in recovery after treatment. We provide assistance to men & women who are coming out of drug or alcohol rehab or incarceration and need a safe, clean & sober living environment to prevent relapse and reduce the likelihood of more homeless families. We provide emergency housing assistance by paying their security deposit and first two weeks of rent for entry into an approved sober living home, as well as grocery gift cards and bus passes, whenever possible, to remove barriers to getting employed. This program serves more than 150 individuals each year.

​​​The Next Right Step (NRS) - On-site Sober Living Dorms

Provides supported, sober living dorm environment for men and women on campus. Our NRS program is exclusively for those who have experienced or are at-risk of homelessness and are receiving services at Haven for Hope. These members have excelled and graduated from a substance use treatment program. Our NRS recovery dorms then provides a safe and accountable environment for them to continue working on their recovery from addiction, practice the tools learned in rehab, and better prepare for transition back into the community. Members in the Next Right Step Program live in a dorm environment for one year. They pay low program fees, attend regular dorm and 12-step meetings, have a recovery sponsor, become employed and maintain abstinence from drugs or alcohol. Integrity of this zero-tolerance environment is ensured by random substance screenings. NRS members are seen as campus leaders, encouraging and lifting up others in recovery. These dorms have beds for 46 men and 12 women.

"From the bottom of my heart, thank everyone that has donated to Pay It Forward to help homeless people and addicts like me...

you have literally saved my life."  ~ Brittany